Creating unique design for 15 years... Learn more about my experience in the field.

Julie Moscheo


Julie Moscheo’s style combines thoughtful consideration with cutting edge creativity, bringing unique possibilities to life in her website designs. Balancing her inner wild child and cool sophistication, she created her company, Jewelz Design Studio, which has become her passion.

Having started her career in graphic design in 2001 with an internship at Thomson Learning she returned to the textbook publishing company, this time with Milady, a division of Cengage Learning, Inc., in September of 2003. She rejoined the company after completing a year with a graphic design and printing service learning the ropes of the printing industry while also designing print copy such as: flyers, brochures, business cards, etc.

Julie has retained her graphic design position within one of the most respected leaders in the beauty and wellness industries, Milady, for the past ten years. She singlehandedly holds the responsibilities for the entire graphic design department as the sole member within her talented marketing team. Her love for the glamorous, flashy and sometimes outrageous styles on the covers of magazines she had as a teenager lends itself well to the industry she has essentially cut her teeth on.

This talented artist holds her Bachelor’s Degree from Sage College in Fine Arts of Graphic Design. Her degree, her work within the field, and her adventurous life have molded Julie into the person she is today, which is a confident woman who is capable of crafting a mutual vision which meets the client’s every want and need.

Jewelz Design Studio is a full service company where all client’s graphic design requests are easily and competently met. Being all inclusive allows for unity between marketing and advertising plans as she is capable of not only designing websites, but creating business logos, designing business cards, brochures and flyers. Knowledgeable with both photography and photo shoots, whether your photographic needs be simplistic or elaborate, acquiring the perfect photos will be a pleasurable and convenient experience.

A “visionary planning consultation”, as Julie likes to refer to the initial meeting that she holds with each client, is held in order to assess the various directions that may be taken on this journey. Clients are encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas during this collaborative time period and once an outline is created, the ball starts rolling. Some clients are very hands on, while others prefer to sit back and allow Julie to work her magic.

Julie’s openness to stepping outside of her realm, allows for a diverse range of outcomes when creating a website. Her broad scope of interest may lead one site to be whimsical and colorful while another site may be edgy and dark making each design truly unique unto itself.

Her dedication to perfection continuously allows Julie the joy of seeing her client’s reaction when the revelation of the website is complete. Knowing that she was able to fulfill and go beyond her client’s expectations is the icing on the cupcake!